SFI Introduction

SFI Affiliate Marketing

Here is an introduction to the SFI Affiliate marketing system which offers very good training for those who are interested in knowing what affiliate marketing is and what being an affiliate is. How we can start earning an extra income and later a full time income.

Before I go deeper into this I just want to say that this is like any other job in the way that we need to put our effort into this like any other job if we want to become successful and earn the amount of income we would want and need. But this is different from other jobs as here we are working for ourselves, we become our own business owners. We can work at this from home or from wherever we are in the world, we can sit on the beach while we maintain our business. In affiliate marketing there is no roof on how much we can earn, there is no one who can determine how much we or our time is worth. It all depends on us how much success we will achieve, how much time we are willing to put into this, how willing we are to learn how it works and how determined we are to make our dreams become a reality.

It is also important to realize that it can take time to get started and it can take time until we become successful and start earning. It all depends on each and every individual and their ambition to get started and to do what is needed to be done.

Affiliate Marketing
Here is a short explanation on what affiliate marketing is and what it really means to be an affiliate. Affiliate marketing means that we are in fact sales or marketing representatives for a company or a product that we are affiliated with. As affiliates we will get an affiliate link that is linked to us and we can share this affiliate link on the internet, on social media, on websites that offer free ads, on our own websites and other places we have a chance to post it. When people then click on our link or ad, buy the product that we are promoting and pays, we will get paid a commission of the sales price.

With SFI we get our marketing link to the affiliate system which we can then send to those who are interested in becoming affiliates like we are. When people sign up at SFI we will also get percentage of everything they earn.

Like my marketing link for SFI is http://www.sfi4.com/16817052.

The numbers at the end of the link are my affilate ID which means that people who click the link will be registered below me. We will then also become like support person for those who register under us but it is up to us if we want to help them in any way but it is recommended. It is also good if we help others become successful as we ourselves will earn more.

It is also a choice for us if we want to register affiliates with us in the SFI system because we will actually get our own webshop, tripleclicks.com which has over 95.000 products that we can offer people and sell like it was our own products.

Tripleclicks.com webshop has over 95.000 products and there is almost everything we could think of. We can specialize in a certain category that we are interested in promoting, like fashion, clothes and jewelry. We can also choose to specialize in furniture or whatever category that is offered but we can and are selling every product that is in the webshop.

Let´s take my Tripleclicks shop link for example https://tripleclicks.com/16817052.

There at the end you can see my affiliate ID and that is what the system knows to connect to my own affiliate company.

When we choose to promote some special product, we need to visit the site for that product and copy the link to that product.


Then you add your own affiliate ID in the before /detail


When I share this link on the internet and someone clickes on it and buys some product, I will get paid a commission or prosentage of that sale. When someone wants to buy some product then they need to register, open an account or access to the sales process. When that person has registered and paid for the product, they will become our customer for life. Then it does not matter if that person will use our affiliate link next time they go to Tripleclick and buy something more. When this person goes to the site, finds a product that they are interested in, logs in and pays, we will get paid. That applies to everybody who register through our link and that is forever.

The SFI System
When we have registered to the SFI system then we have access countless of great information and training that will help us learn all we need to learn to be successful in this business. When we have registered and logged in we have our own back office, our own business central. There we can find all information about the sales we have created, information about how many are registered as affiliates and all the clients we have made from our sales. We also get in formation about our commissions. We can than list how we want to get paid, if we want to get paid through Paypal or any other online payment forms or if we want it sent to our bank account.

For beginners it can be a bit overwhelming to see the amount of information in there but remember to give it time and just take one step at the time. It is recommended to log in every day and there are steps that are good to go through every time we log in. These are all steps about information that is needed to learn. We also get paid points for every step that can be used to buy products and also to take part in competitions as we can wins some great prices.

Our Own Website.
It is good to have our own website but it is not necessary, specially to begin with as we can promote and market the products on social media and other free sites. But it is recommended to get our own website to write a blog and get interesting information out to people and build a network of readers and buyers. That way we can build a fan club of people who are interested in what we have to offer. We can start a newsletter where we can send out information about what we are doing and include our marketing links. Through newsletters we can reach a big group of people with time.

Hosting A Website

There are a lot of hosting companies on the market and it is good to do research of what they are offering before we register. I use Justhost (http://www.justhost.com/track/jh50682/egzeus) and am very pleased with their service and I have been with them since 2009. Every time I have had a problem they have solved it right away. I also recommend Go Daddy, another hosting company who have a good service.

For all of you who are interested in starting with your own website and do not have any experience with this then I offer you to host your website on my account and I can then assist you in getting familiar with how things work, get the website up and guide you while you are learning more.

To build a good teamwork with others and having a good group of people to work with and share our experience and knowledge is a very important part of becoming successful in this business and with life in general. We all learn in our own speed and we do not always see things from all angles. In a group we see different solutions and we test things differently. The bigger the group, the more ways and solutions we find, things that work and what does not work.

Finding good people to work with can take time and it is important to find people who and interested, ambitious, positive and ready to try new things and share what they have learned. It is the key to a good teamwork.

SFI Is One Of The Best Systems I Have Found
I have been in this business for a few years and I have tried and tested a lot of things. Registered as an affiliate with many companies and affiliate organizations like Clickbank, Commission Junktion and others that offer good services and training. But there we are connecting to companies and products more individually. We can try that later when we have more experience on how it all works and when we have to bigger group of clients and readers..

What I like about SFI and Tripleclicks is the simplicity. There is a lot of good information, training and all under one rood and name. With SFI we can build a good team of affiliates that we register under us and can get paid from their success which is a great system.

For those of you who would like to know more about this can contact me through the email egzeus@egzeus.com under the headline “I would like to know more about SFI”.

Thanks and I am looking for working with you

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach

Skype: egzeusforever